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Brisbanes Air Conditioning Specialists

We Provide Quality AC Units & Premium Installations

Sage Energy can help with all your home and business Air Conditioning needs in Brisbane, Ipswich and Springfield. We specialise in Air Conditioning installations, servicing and repairs for all Split and Ducted systems up to 18kW.

Because it can be so difficult for people to choose an affordable yet high quality air conditioner, we aim to deliver end-to-end service that removes the stress from the process. We take into account every factor that might have some bearing on the efficiency of your AC, before providing you with a professional recommendation that will suit your budget.

How long will my AC last?

The average life expectancy of an air con unit can vary based on several factors, such as proper installation, appropriate care, and even just how long you run your machine for each day. While you can generally expect your air conditioning system to start showing signs of decreased performance after about 10 years, regular maintenance of your machine can give it a prolonged lifespan. Newer, more efficient, inverter machines can be expected to last over 15 years, subject to regular maintenance. All our Air conditioners come with a minimum 5 year warranty - for peace of mind.

Ducted Systems

Our energy efficient ducted air conditioners are an ideal solution for providing air conditioned comfort to a single room or the entire home. Ducted systems are made up of an outdoor unit located outside and an indoor unit located in the roof of a house with duct work running to each required room.

Our ducted air conditioners can achieve uncompromised results, with minimal visual impact to provide a more modern look.

Split Systems

Wall mounted split systems provide a great cooling or heating solution for individual rooms or open plan living.

Split system installations can be up to 30% more efficient then the old Window Rattler type. Our inverter air conditions will cool even the biggest areas in just a few minutes. And they can operate whilst being practically silent.

We Design, Install, Maintain & Repair ALL Split & Ducted AC Systems

Some Indoor Head Units

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Typical Air Conditioning Brands

When we are supplying we like to stick to a handful of trusted and proven brands. But we will still work on any air condition. Below is the list of Air conditioner brands we've seen around. For more info on air conditioners please contact us.