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Smoke Alarm Legislation and Information

As of 1 January 2017, the state government has released new legislation for smoke alarms. For those living in an existing home, you have a maximum of 10 years to get your Fire Prevention system up to the new standards. However, those looking to sell or lease out their properties, you will be required to…

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Audio and Visual Splitters

Don’t pay for extra set-top boxes – we have the solution! HDMI Splitters are a great way to split a TV picture and audio to multiple televisions throughout your home. An example would be playing a DVD from your Blu-ray player in your lounge room, and then being able to watch the DVD on the…

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Home Automation

Home Automation - Sage Energy Blog

Home Automation is a system that can be designed for the purpose of lighting control, appliance control, temperature control, surveillance, and security. It can be controlled on-site or remotely through portable devices. There are many different options with smart homes and some of the more common lighting and surveillance systems are now becoming very competitive…

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Fault Finding Guide

Below is a flow chart designed to assist you in rectifying your own faults when trouble strikes. Most of the time the fault is caused by an appliance. Why should you pay for an electrician when we follow these exact same steps in the early stages of fault-finding? If these steps don’t help you find…

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