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Home Automation

Home Automation is a system that can be designed for the purpose of lighting control, appliance control, temperature control, surveillance, and security. It can be controlled on-site or remotely through portable devices. There are many different options with smart homes and some of the more common lighting and surveillance systems are now becoming very competitive on price. Why not get an estimate on the cost of automating your home? Contact us for options and advice.

Energy Saving and Monitors

Smart Home Automation can be used in a variety of different ways. Depending on how we set up your home will factor how much energy you can save. Using sensors is a great way to automatically shut off appliances/lights that aren’t being used. To maximise your energy savings why not monitor exactly what you use? We can install meters to monitor how much; Electricity, Water, Rain Water, Hot Water, Gas and individual Appliance is being consumed. You can even access the data wirelessly from any device.

Lighting Control and Automation

Control your entire homes lighting, colours, dimming functions and more. Set your lights to automatically turn on as the sun goes down, and to dim according to how much natural lights within your home to maintain your optimum level of light. Access and control these lights through conventional switches, automatic multi-sensors, timeclocks, wireless/remote access or even a LED central control monitor.

Desired Temperature All Year Round

Let Home Automation take control of your Air Conditioning using a variety of thermostats and sensors. You can now remotely access the temperature for each room eg. Set time clocks to cool/heat specific areas in your home before bed or waking up. You also have the opportunity to select your optimal room temp and instead of running your air con system on constant at this temperature, we can make the system only turn on and off automatically to keep the room at your desired temp.

Play Your Music Anywhere, Anytime

Play personal or online music through any speaker in your home. Control the audio wirelessly or through user interface panels. Pick different music to play in different rooms. Set Spotify to come on at 6:00am as an alarm on weekdays. Use it to cater for functions and set moods in different parts of the house at your command.

Peace of Mind that your Home is Secure

Secure your home at the touch of a button. Have a “Bedtime” switch at your bed that locks all windows, doors, sets the alarm and turns off all lights and appliances you’ve left on by mistake (TVs, ovens, cooktops, washing machine, etc). You can even open/close windows, doors, blinds, gates etc.

Access Control From Your Device

Remotely unlock the door for a friend to come feed your pets or unlock the door before you grab a load of groceries from the car. Do it remotely through your smartphone or make use of a swipe card, key code or fingerprint scanner. Don’t worry about losing your keys or risk leaving a spare key outside (we all think we have a GREAT hiding spot don’t we).

Worldwide User Login Control

We’re all talking about the “Internet of Things” but it’s actually the “Internet of Everything”. All of our devices, appliances and systems in the home are now being released with either wired (Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G etc.) connectivity. This means we can ‘log in’ to our homes from around the globe to monitor, control and adapt our home functionality. Don’t get left behind. All the cool kids are doing it!

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